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Autechre is a chapter apart of ambient music. The sound of this band is unmistakable and hard to imitate. Almost every song they have made seems like a trip into the depth of music and when you listen to it you can't prevent your mind from traveling. Their atmospheres are involving and of secure impact, you can't weigh your appreciation for them: you may love them or remain indifferent, no way between. Warp. 2005.


The eighth album by these OG glitch kingpins is a curious thing. While none of the album's sounds are particularly different (Autechre is working with pretty much the same palette started with), it's not like they've gone laptop folk or added favela beats. The band's relentless experimentation continues unabated. Each of these songs here has more parts than an entire Rush album; every succeeding Autechre album has gotten more complex, as if there were Oulipo-style rules system guides the entire practice. But, while some patterns change rapidly--the complex and jagged try dancing to this rhythms rarely repeat for very long–-sine tones and drones underneath it all change very slowly. So, while the music may be composed in a postmodern way, then, it's staunchly modernist in its sharp, subtle honing of minimalist compositional techniques. The contrast between the jagged sounds and the surface and the moaning bass tones will either thrill or bore. There is no middle ground. --Mike McGonigal


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